Networked Partnering and Product Innovation

Learn IoT Innovation

This is a master-level study project to create an IoT (Internet of Things) device from an idea to a sophisticated prototype.


Collaborate with students from all Aalto University Schools: ARTS, ELEC, ENG, CHEM, SCI and BIZ.

Business Collaboration

The study project is organised in collaboration with thriving organisations around Aalto University.

Hands-on Project

Learn in a hands-on way the skills needed to make things that work and communicate.

Outsourcing Included

The project is organised as three parts: one for concept design, one for outsourcing, and one for technical design.

Technology Challenge

The resulting IoT device will be prototyped with cutting-edge technologies, such as Nordic NRF52, RIOT OS, and App frameworks.

Sharing Economy

The project is connected to research into sharing economy, and results will be shared according to Creative Commons principles.

NEPPI Tech - Making Things Real

PCB Design

During the NEPPI Tech course students may choose to learn to create production-ready custom PCBs for IoT applications. These are essential, for example, when creating novel wearable electronic products.  

Embedded Programming

Custom PCB requires custom software. Some of the students will be programming the micro controller unit on the board. They learn to handle Bluetooth Low Energy communications, threads, and so on.  

Web & Apps Programming

With current web-programming tools it is possible to create applications (or apps) that appear very much similar to native apps on different platforms.  

Mechanical Design

Even the most basic IoT products have a structure and form that needs to be designed. During the NEPPI Tech course some of the students create iteratively physical models to produce a product-like result.  

UX / Interaction Design

Interaction and User Experience (UX) designers ensure that the product fulfils the product’s purpose for the users. Some products are focussed on enhancing expressive interactions while others are more about productive tasks and about problem resolution.  

Sharing Economy

NEPPI course is connected to a research project that explores novel technological support for sharing economy. The creative concept design work will use strategies that seek to make the process deeper, wider, and more relevant.

Answers to Your Questions

Can I take NEPPI, if I am not here in July?

NEPPI, the concept design part of the project, will happen over 90% during June. So, taking July relaxed is encouraged. NEPPI students are expected to spend some 10% of the project time during August, and participate in the final demo session on the 4th of September.

How much I need to work on the project?

NEPPI gives you 5 cr. which counts as 135 hours of work.

Do I need to know technology?

In this course you do not need technical skills. We, however, expect you to have some experience in creative multidisiplinary projects.

Can I take NEPPI, if I am not an IDBM student?

Yes. The Summer 2018 pilot of NEPPI is open to all Aalto master students.

How much participation is required?

There are only a few events, where you need to be present. These are the first lecture on 1st of June, the concept review on the 27th of June and the final demo on the 4th of September.

What is this subcontracting thing?

NEPPI is organised so that students can learn from real experiences in negotiating with subcontractors (the NEPPI Tech teams). Successful product design requires collaboration across businesses, and taking a project to the finishing line calls for care and review so that the results meet the expectations.

NEPPI Tech vs. Protopaja?

NEPPI Tech is a masters’ course and goes beyond the bachelor-level Protopaja by aiming at the creation of production-ready custom PCB and related software.

What if I want to know more?

You can write to the course teacher Salu Ylirisku email: firstname.lastname (at) aalto.fi

Pick Your Track

Are you a Design Enthusiast or a Technie Nerd 

NEPPI, 5 cr. (+ NEPPI Lead 2 cr.)

NEPPI develops the design and business concept. The process is informed by exploration into the technical, artistic and business opportunities surrounding the project topic. In NEPPI Lead students transform a product concept into reality.

NEPPI Tech, 5 cr.

NEPPI Tech creates a functioning prototype including production-ready custom PCB design, embedded software development, and IoT software design. Technologies include Bluetooth LE, Nordic NRF52, and Unity 3D.


NEPPI at Flash Vallisaari

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We are

 Dr. Salu Ylirisku (Concept Design)
Prof. Pekka Nikander (IoT Technology)
MSc. Tanweer Muhammad (Electronics and networking)
BSc. Pyry Vikberg (Electronics)